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GOTV (Get Out the Vote) Casual Gala

GOTV (Get Out the Vote) Casual Gala

November 1, 2013 Church of Restoration 2623 W. 2nd Street,, Duluth, Minnesota 55806 View Map · Get Directions With introductions of the Wolffe Cultural Center. This...

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Henry’s Op-Ed in DNT

Henry’s Op-Ed in DNT

Henry wrote this piece for the Duluth News Tribune outlining why he is running and why your vote for him will be a good investment for our kids and our schools. –...

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Community Health

Community Health

This campaign is about creating healthy environments for students in the Duluth Public Schools.  On a recent evening, Henry took part with some supporters in an event...

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Why People Support Henry

What Duluth citizens are saying about this candidacy

reginaI believe that when Henry makes it on the board and starts speaking out that a lot of parents will see and understand that they too can make a difference.  ~ Regina Cameron

MaggieHenry Banks has my vote because he is a team player as well as a natural leader–able to listen to all sides, understand the complexities of an issue, and bring forth a solution or help execute a plan that is for the greatest good. ~Maggie Fink

FrederickHenry Banks is a great person and a top candidate for the job of School Board representative. Henry is a freedom fighter. He advocates for social justice and equality in a world that claims to embrace academics and opportunity yet seems so resistant to change and charity. I am proud to support Henry Banks as he endeavors to achieve a position among the ranks of the champions of education.  ~ Frederick McDougall

Reyna_CrowHenry Banks’ decades of work on behalf of our community, and proven commitment to all of our citizens, makes clear that in addition to his professional and academic qualifications, Henry has the heart, the love for our children, that our School Board members need. Proud to endorse Henry Banks for School Board! ~Reyna Crow

Gary-GaryHenry Banks is a tremendous asset to our community. The children of Duluth will all be better represented when Henry’s voice is heard on our school board. He is a champion for our kids! ~ Gary Boelhower & Gary Anderson

MN-DFLHenry has been endorsed by the Minnesota DFL.  The other endorsed candidates from the DFL are:

  • School Board at Large:  Annie Harala
  • School Board 1st District:  Rosie Loeffler-Kemp
  • City Council at Large:  Zach Fillipovich & Barb Russ
  • City Council 4th District:  Howie Hanson
  • County Commission 2nd District:  Patrick Boyle

Catherine_GerardHenry Banks is an exceptional candidate for the Duluth School Board. He has shown a tireless commitment to our community. Henry’s passion for equity and justice in our community encompasses all our students. With his guidance, encouragement, and commitment for promoting inclusiveness at all levels, he will make a positive impact that is necessary in this district to bridge the achievement gap.  ~Catherine Ostos and  Gerard Zimney

Lyn-and-JohnHenry Banks offers our community the opportunity to solve long-standing problems in new ways. We greatly appreciate his commitment to an inclusive and equitable community for all of Duluth’s citizens. We respect Henry’s abilities to engage in critical analysis, creative problem-solving, and positive solutions. ~ Lyn & John Clark Pegg

DeloresI support Henry Banks for Duluth School Board because I believe he’ll help all of our children and grandchildren in the school system. ~Deloris Williams-Tucker

MelissaIn my opinion, Mr. Banks is a great choice for the school board.  He cares about the community and improving the education for our future community leaders. ~ Melissa Domina

gary-paintersMr. Henry Banks is a good friend.  I feel Mr. Banks will represent the people of Duluth with great integrity and respect. ~ Gary Painter

Doug Bowen-BaileyHenry has been a consistent advocate for the needs of students in our community.  I value the way Henry brings diverse parts of our community together in positive ways. ~ Doug Bowen-Bailey

  • Regina Cameron
  • Maggie Fink
  • Frederick McDougall
  • Reyna Crow
  • Gary Boelhower & Gary Anderson
  • Minnesota DFL
  • Catherine Ostos and Gerard Zimney
  • Lyn & John Clark Pegg
  • Deloris Williams-Tucker
  • Melissa Domina
  • Gary Painter
  • Doug Bowen-Bailey